Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Nigeria and District 9

District 9 has definitely got Nigerians talking because of the way we were portrayed in the movie. As a science fiction enthusiast, I was really looking forward to this movie. The short film it was based on called ‘Alive in Jo’burg’ was an interesting one if you were in the visual effects field. Then word started to reach me about its portrayal of Nigerians. Some were even saying we should boycott District 9. As usual, the internet forums were blazing the trail. I thought I’d reserve judgement until I saw the film. Wherever possible, I like to form an opinion based on fact rather than just jump on a popular bandwagon for the sake of it.

After watching the film, here are my thoughts. Of course it wasn’t nice to see us portrayed in a negative light. But that’s stating the obvious. I can see why our Minister for Information decided to step in, demand an apology and ban cinemas from showing it. I didn’t agree with the move but I can see why she did it. I my opinion she picked the wrong target. There are several reasons why I hold this view.

3D Fulani Lady

Here are some shots of a 3D model of a Fulani lady done by EVCL character modelling supremo Sageer Mohammed Carpenter. It based on a photo of a Fulani lady from Yola State. He used a bit of artistic licence to achieve the character pose as in the picture she was seated. It’s one of Sageer’s earlier works.

Mother & Child

Here are some scans from the storyboard for a short animation piece we are doing. It will have a simple 2D visual style loosely based on a West African painted artistic style. We want to achieve something simple and elegant. It’s a bit of experimentation at achieving a specific look.