Monday, July 19, 2010

Bino and Fino !!

Here they are! Bino and Fino. Here's a sneak peek at our latest project. It's an animation for kids. Bino and Fino are brother and sister. They are curious about the world, loveable and sometimes mischievous!

We'd like much feedback as that will help us in the making of the project. Those of you with young children of your own or as relatives we really need to hear from you. Those who don't, tell your friends with children about us. What would they like to see in a children's animation that's Nigerian/African in origin?

Children's media is powerful so we need to make sure we are well represented in it. How many of you out there still remember Sesame Street or Voltron fondly? More importantly, how many of you were inspired by programmes you saw as a child? We believe there is room out there for animations for young kids that have black African characters at their heart. This is important both for the African and non African audience out there.

Are we wrong or right? Let us know by leaving a comment because your feedback will help in the shaping of this project. It's an in house project and one that EVCL hopes to fund in its entirety. Not because we wanted to but because we had to as we were getting tired of trying to 'convince' people to invest in us.

Spread the word guys!