Sunday, October 4, 2009

Nigerian Sci-Fi Movie

Here are stills from an idea of a sci-fi/magical movie based in Nigeria that we’ve been toying around with for a while. It is an idea that came way before District 9 before anyone comments. The idea itself is nothing new to be honest. What’s interesting is the angle of how it would work in the West African

Actually, would it work at all? District 9 shows the world is ready for new spins on the sci-fi/Alien based in Africa. But of course you ask is South Africa typical of most African countries? By that I mean it is quite well developed technologically and in infrastructural terms compared to the majority of the rest. For example, is the general Nigerian audience ready to believe it as an arm of the army or police well trained enough to deal with an Alien threat like the American forces did in Independence Day?

I personally think it’s a feasible project but the context is all important. We can’t just copy stories done by Hollywood wholesale and expect it to work. But also I think it is important that some films that come out of Africa show us in a ‘High tech’ light as we have enough stories showing us in a backward ‘low tech’ way.

Adamu Waziri

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