Monday, October 18, 2010

New Black Cartoon For Kids Made in Africa

Hi Everyone. Here it is. The pilot episode of the Bino& Fino cartoon series we’ve been developing for the past half a year. The cartoon as mentioned before is targeted at young children of preschool and kindergarten age. It’s has been well received so far. You can see comments and feedback on the project’s fanpage here   Bino and Fino on Facebook  .

It has been an interesting journey and we are proud of the fact that we managed to deliver the pilot episode on time. Based on what we’ve learnt and on the feedback from some fans we’re now going to proceed to produce a DVD miniseries. All of this is new territory for us so these are interesting and exciting times for the EVCL studio. You can also go to the Bino and Fino Website to find out when the DVD will be out on sale.

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