Tuesday, April 5, 2011

OK Hollywood, Stop it! No I’m serious STOP IT!

Rant alert! (meaning I’m about to vent and some of this might not make sense because my typing will be fuelled by an intense irritation at Hollywood!) I just posted up on another blog and I got inspired to do a post of my own. I was one of those guys who used to look forward to summer blockbusters. Especially the action flicks. Now, I’m a very simple guy to please when it comes to Action Flicks. All I need are some cool VFX, decent acting, a couple of explosions,
some decent dialogue and I’m good to go. I don’t need Oscar winning stuff. Hollywood used to be good at it. But for some reason they can’t even manage that any more.

It’s as if Hollywood doesn’t want to innovate anymore unless at gunpoint or a director has some kind of clout. Sucker Punch, Battle for LA, or whatever else is playing don’t appeal to me any more. And I’m the guy they are trying to get money from. Also it’s not an age thing. My younger brother who is 10 years younger is also getting bored of Hollywood’s output. It’s like visual effects is all they are focusing on. ‘Throw in some explosions, some sexy women and say it’s 3D and that’s all they need!’ Well …NO! Actually I need a bit more. Not that much more actually. Like I said I don’t need Oscar winning stuff but if you manage to give me good Sci Fi with Oscar winning acting then you are a genius and I thank you. I just don’t like feeling like I’m being robbed of my money and a fool when I’m watching a movie.

And please stop saying a movie is in 3D! Ok, yes, some of the new 3D technology is great but is that all your movie has to offer?!? Really? That’s like saying check out my movie, I shot it with a VHS camera. So? I remember the hype over Avatar when it came out. I bought into it I have to admit. But after a while I looked at that movie again. It wasn’t that good. The FX were stunning but the movie just didn’t cut it for me. I like James Cameron’s work. I love Aliens no matter how cheesy it was.

The funny thing is that if Hollywood doesn’t stop churning out these stupid clichéd movies, the industry will be in trouble. I know what I say doesn't matter to them but what I do will. Once I stop paying for their movies and my brother does and our friends etc stop doing so then Hollywood might get the point.

And another thing why is it when Hollywood sees an original idea THAT WAS SUCCESSFUL, they then decide to alter it and extract what made it a hit in the first place. The new production Akira seems to be the latest example of this.

Ah whatever….Oh yeah , I really hate it when they assemble a great cast for one movie and then proceed give them the worst dialogue ever.
OK I’m done ….for now. But I know I will rant again.

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  1. Hollywood fail? I welcome it. Perhaps African/Black people would then stop depending on white people to brainwash I mean entertain them. Failure on their part is an opportunity for the African world.